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Why do people go to a Stud dog handler?
I could write a book about that and that is what i’m doing at the moment.
I could easly name a dozen reasons, but they all come with an explanation and that makes a website like this way to small.
Just to give you some examples:
People start with mating to early, because they are scared to be too late. Often the bitch isn’t ready    for mating and will snap at the stud. He can get a small trauma from this and won’t approach the bitch again, even when the bitch want’s to mate.
The bitch has a higher status in the hierarchy, than the stud that was chosen by the breeder.
A stud is usually corrected when he shows sexualy behaviour in public, because that can be embarrassing to say the least. So after all those no’s the stud isn’t too keen on it anymore.
Natural instincts that are no longer in tact. (this is getting a serious problem!) Artificial Inseminations are only making it worse, right? Nine out of the ten times A. I. isn’t even nessesary!!!
This will be the last of the examples, but you can call me at any time with a problem of your own, because i believe i’ve heared them all!
The stud doesn’t mate, because he sees his master as the actual packleader.
The stud thinks (as he should) that the packleader will mate the bitch. This usually doesn’t happen that often, i’ve never seen it.
Are you always succesfull?
No, but almost always.
When a stud isn’t interested in the bitch at all and he likes to sniff around and stays 10  feet away from her, i’m not getting any work done.
He has to show some interest, but if he doesn’t, i could use some of my tricks. I have to be honest, it doesn’t work all the time, but i have a score over 90%!
What is it that you do, that makes it work?????
I always say that i just know a lot about sex!!!! I think that i’m allowed to say so after all those jokes about me.
But seriously, i can’t explain, or show you what it is that i’m doing under the tail.
Of course i guide the penis a little, but the inserting has more to do with the movements of the stud.
The stud jumps on the bitch and starts making his moves.
In all those moves there is one good move and i reconise that one immediately.
Together with the stud the penis is brought into the bitch and than we wait for the attacement.
This all may sound a bit banal, but i have no other way of putting it.

When i talk about this with passion, literally everybody starts laughing and i can understand that.
But believe me, there are a lot of breeders who have been closer to the mating than i’ve been, even breeders that bred for many years and they are blown away by the fact that it is usualy fixed in an instance.
Most of the times we mate a second time to make sure that we’ve caught the intire ovulation.
Together with the owners  we decide if we are going tot do it the next day, or leave a day inbetween. (about 24 hours)
For the owners and dogs that will have to travel a big distance to come to me, i can arrange a hotelroom for a nice price that allowes dogs. It is Hotel the Vossenberg in Vierhouten, about 6 km from me and the hotel has a forested surrounding. 
What can you do, to make a mating succesfull?
At first it is very important that you mate at the right time.
When you come too soon, the bitch won’t mate. This is the way of nature to prevent the bitch from  infections of any kind.
Now a days the right time is defined by the veterinarian.
I personally have close contact with: Animal medical centre Nunspeet.
They examine the blood of my clients bitches regularly, it is called a progesterone determination.
The clinic uses the “Immulite” to establish the level of progesterone.
This is a new device that can give a very accurate conclusion on when to mate.  
You can check the website: and look at the section gezelschapsdieren under fokkers/progesteron.
The results of the test are in after 2 hours.
When the colour of the blood  from the bitch is turning  from red to watery pink/brown, you have the right time to mate.
This is usualy around the 12th day of heat, but there is a large range of deviations, what makes it more difficult.
The bitch that is in heat can have a bad smell around her and it has happened in the past that the owner washed, or even sprayed the bitch with deodorant. Please don’t do that!!!!!
I’ve had people and dogs come over after they have been trying on their own for a couple of days and then we were just too late.
As stud owner, you should just stay calm and don’t encourage the stud with commands he doesn’t understand. It is not common for the stud, he was never alowed to have sex with a bitch when he was tied up to a fence at the local supermarket, because that can be very embarrassing out in the open!
This is exactely why there are a lot of stud dogs that don’t understand what needs to happen, when the owner is now allowing the stud.
How does a mating go, when people come to you?
You can find a few of the matings on youtube.
For the viewer they will all look alike, but when you look closer, you can see that the Newfoundland stud knows what is happening, because he does all his work here in Nunspeet.
The shepherd stud is here for the first time and plays a waiting game. 
The reason that this mating was brought up to a good end is, that we boosted up his ego after it had suffered a little dent at a previous mating, by giving him the time that he needed.
You can also see that the stud dog handler is making himself as little as possible (not so hard with my body).
They are all very small things, but as you can see, no mating is the same and being a stud dog handler is a real proffesion!

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